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    July 15, Wolf Announces New Bar, Restaurant and Other Restrictions

    COVID-19 Working Capital Access Program

    Governor Wolf's Reopening Plan & Resources

    Free Re-opening Signage

    As Pennsylvania businesses begin to reopen, each business owner will need to examine their operations and make changes to meet public safety guidelines. PASBDC has created signage to address common health concerns. All images are completely free to use, so please share, download, print and distribute as you wish!

    Wolf Administration Mandates Mask Wearing as COVID-19 Cases Rise in PA

    As of last Friday, every county in the Commonwealth is now in the “green” phase of the Wolf Administration’s re-opening plan – the least restrictive phase under which businesses are generally allowed to open but should also have state-issued health guidance in place. One key guideline is that individuals wear face coverings in public places to help slow the spread of the airborne COVID-19 virus. Read More

    REQUIRED Business Posting

    Guidance for Businesses in the Restaurant Industry Permitted to Operate During the COVID-19 Disaster Emergency to Ensure the Safety and Health of Employees and the Public

    What does it mean to go yellow? 

    Things to Consider if Reopening Prior to the Governor's Authorization


    May 12, 2020 - 

    Several people who have completed the survey that we sent last evening are confused as to what the guidance is from Huntingdon County elected officials as far as reopening.  Click here to read the letter sent to the Governor. According to Commissioner Sather, the Huntingdon County Commissioners will support any business that chooses to reopen as long as they follow the PA Department of Health and CDC Guidelines.  Supporting means that they will not encourage them to close.  Click here for the CDC guidelines. Click here for the PA Department of Health Guidelines.

    As you are probably aware, the Governor held a press conference yesterday where he stated that businesses that choose to reopen before being authorized to do so by him, will risk losing their licenses, among other things. You can watch his press conference here.

    If you do choose to reopen, we recommend that you contact your insurance company to make sure that you will be covered under a government imposed shut down. You may also want to talk to your attorney to see what the consequences may be if you decide to ignore the Governor’s order. I had a conversation with Gene Barr, President of the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry, this morning and they will consult with their attorney and get that information to us also so that we can share it with you.

    According to Senator Corman there is legislation currently being considered that will give the power to make the decision to reopen to the counties instead of the state.


    OSHA released a new video and poster that show employers and workers how to properly wear and remove a respirator.

    Summary on Guidance Issued by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

    To help you better understand the recent guidance issued by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration and in coordination with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S. Chamber has created a summary outlining what employers need to know about protecting their workers as they maintain or resume operations in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
    The summary describes OSHA's comments and addresses three of the main questions:
    1. How should employers protect their employees?
    2. Do employers have to record cases of COVID-19 on their injury logs?
    3. How will OSHA conduct enforcement related to Coronavirus? 



    Strategy to Resume Operations Assistance

    The Central PA Chapter of SCORE is offering to assist any company or non-profit organization in its service area to develop a strategy for resuming operations after being curtailed by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The chapter’s service area consists of Centre, Mifflin, Clearfield, Clinton and Huntingdon Counties. Continue reading here.




    PA Chamber Launches 'Bringing PA Back' Initiative Website
    As part of its bold new initiative to help businesses safely re-open their facilities and jumpstart the economy, the PA Chamber today announced the launch of the 'Bringing PA Back' website.  The comprehensive website features critical information for employers, including: guidance from trusted sources on workplace readiness – such as cleaning and safety standards; employment opportunities; industry-specific guidance; and policy recommendations that will help to revive Pennsylvania's economy. The website also includes a map of the Commonwealth – identifying which phase of the re-opening process each county is currently in – along with an overview of the Wolf administration's guidance for each phase. The PA Chamber has also developed policy recommendations that are focused on the state's economic recovery and which we will be working with elected officials to enact – all of which are highlighted on the website. As the 'Statewide Voice of Business,' the PA Chamber will be advising elected officials on how best to proceed. The PA Chamber will be regularly updating the website to keep employers apprised of new government guidance and industry best practices.

    State-by-State Business Reopening Guidance

    The U.S. Chamber remains a strong advocate for bringing Americans back to work and life in a gradual process done safely, successfully, and sustainably in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. This process, however, will be non-uniform and differ from region to region depending on the prevalence of COVID-19 and guidelines from local and state governments.

    From personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements to employee screening, the U.S. Chamber created the new interactive State-by-State Business Reopening Guidance map—equipped with current stay-at-home orders, timelines, state profiles, and more critical information—to help you and your members track the differences and provide the latest guidance for America's employers. 

    Reopening Business Digital Resources Center 



    Reopening:  Guidance for General Office Settings can be found here.


    COVID-19 Resource for Employers
    As parts of the country begin to lift "shelter in place" orders and reevaluate "essential" industries, employers need to have a plan in place to restart businesses and bring facilities back online. My Benefit Advisor has created an informational presentation, including important items to consider when creating your own reopening strategy. Download Guide
    Returning to Work in the COVID-19 Environment
    This guide will discuss a 4 Step Essential Return to Work Plan:
    1. Preparing the Workforce
    2. Preparing the Workspace
    3. Managing a Physical Distancing Environment
    4. Adapting Your Strategy
    COVID-19 Support Center
    My Benefit Advisor is helping employers through the COVID-19 outbreak. We setup an online support center with information and resources available to help employers prepare and respond. Explore Now
    The Governor's Plan for PA can be found here.