• Kdan Mobile Offers FREE Tools to help you work remotely

    We hope that you're all staying safe and healthy! We're Kdan Mobile, an international SaaS (software as a service) company with an office in Huntingdon County, and we wanted to share our software with everyone at no cost to help make remote working/social distancing as productive as possible. 
    This link will take you to a signup page we put together that will let you create an account and access the following services:
    • DottedSign - our electronic signature tool that lets you create and send contracts online and collect signatures while working remotely 
      • Very similar to DocuSign, for anyone that's used that service before
    • Creativity 365 - 5 tools that make it easy to create digital content for your website, social media, etc. It includes video-editing software, an animation tool, & others
    • Document 365 - our business software that includes a PDF Reader/editor, online faxing, and other service
    We want to do our part to make remote working accessible for everyone. If anyone is looking for support or has questions about using any of the tools, please feel free to contact Joey DiGangi, one of our Huntingdon Team members & a local business owner that can help!
    The Kdan Mobile Team

    Joseph A. DiGangi III  Global Marketing Specialist

    419 14th Street, Huntingdon, PA 16652 Suite 201

    t  +1 (610) 248-6012   |    w  www.kdanmobile.com