• China Adventure 2019

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    December 04, 2017
    China Adventure March 30 - April 7, 2019
    FORMS: Travelers must complete the registration form and sign the Release of Liability/Disclaimer.  Your name must appear as it does on your passport.
    PAYMENT: $300 per person required at the time of reservation. The remainder is due by December 15.
    INSURANCE: The trip includes Post Departure Travel Insurance. Visit www.huntingdonchamber.com for the sample policy. It is recommended that you purchase travel insurance to protect yourself and your investment in case you have to cancel or interrupt your vacation. Locally, AAA Central Penn at 814-643-1030 is able to offer travel insurance for this trip. Another option is Pam Stern Nationwide Insurance at 814-643-4410.
    TICKETS: Ticketing day is January 1, 2019. The Chamber will receive the flight tickets one month after ticketing day.
    PASSPORT: All passengers need a passport with an expiration date no sooner than six months from the date of the trip.
    VISA: We will be acquiring a group Visa. To do so, we will need: 1) Your passport 2) One 2x2 heat shot. 3) check for $155.  I will need these by January 31, 2019.  If your passport shows that you traveled to Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Egypt and any countries in Africa you will not be able to be part of a group Visa.  (I am obtaining the complete list of countries) You may either get a new passport or get an individual Visa.
    GRATUITY: (guides, drivers, wait staff and porters) $39.00 per passenger.
    SHOPPING: Take small denominations of US dollars for street vendors. Most major credit cards will be accepted at other shopping facilities.
    OPTIONAL TOURS: The tour guide will tell you about some optional tours. You will pay for these with US dollars ranging from $25-$39.

    Click here to print the pdf of the flyer below.  

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    Click here for the optional itinerary that includes XIAN with the Terra-Cotta Warriors. ($200 additional)

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    Contact Yvonne at ymartin@huntingdonchamber.com or 814-643-1110 with questions.